Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sin City

Two days back, one of the suspected drug dealer, Hussein Mohamed Manik was found innocent by the Court. According to the Police, he's one of the six main dealers in the country. Early March this year, another suspected dealer among the six, Adam Naseer was also not convicted. Here, we are talking about "MAJOR" crimes. It's well-known in this country that 'if you are arrested today- you'll be released tomorrow' - no matter the type of crime you've committed. It is also public knowledge that the prisoners, or inmates at Maafushi Jail have their own demands and these demands are very easily met, or they go on strike and even destroy the premises. Bottom line: the Police, Prosecutor General, Parliament, and the Courts are unable to work together to bring about a solution to this. They are unable to restore law and order in this country. They are unable to punish, rehabilitate, or keep wrong-doers away from the rest of the society. Why?

The Courts or the Judges might say, there is not enough evidence to convict according the existing laws. The Police might say, the Courts are not doing their job, and Parliament doesn't provide appropriate laws to do their job. The Executive has been blaming the Judiciary on this matter.

In another case, within this week, two men serving their 15 year sentence were released, saying that they get a 3 year probation, and if they do not commit any crime during this period, their sentence is pardoned. And these two guys are those involved in the Sultan Park bombing. Unlike in the first case, these two guys have been already convicted, and serving their sentence. And just like that, the government decides to pardon them, those who have committed acts of terrorism, and as a result our country suffered immeasurable damage in the international forefront.

So, Maldives has become a haven for anybody with a mind and will to commit crimes, hu? There's less chance you'll be convicted, and even if did get a sentence, the government will pardon you within 2-3 years.


  1. Even expatriates have now realised that there are lax regulations in this country, and that laws are not enforced.

  2. sounds like we are talking about some south american country in the middle of a revolution and a drug war. we could easily lose our income by tourism if our political situation does not become stable.