Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reminding ourselves about the 'Asaasee's

Total Number of gang-violence within the last three weeks: 5
Number of deaths within last three weeks: 1
Total injured within last three weeks: 8
Source: Haveeru

Last thursday, a 16 year old boy was attacked by knife. Male' streets have become unsafe, and what are the authorities doing about it? We have all hired a President, and paying him Rf100,000 every month. We have hired 77 Parliamentarians, and paying them all Rf4.8 million every month, and all these people have appointed and put in charge Judges, and we are spending more than Rf700,000 every month to all of them. On top of that, we have at our service Police, and a Defense force, and I'm not sure how we are spending in total every month on them. Yet, our streets are unsafe, young children are being killed.

...And we are being told that we have a new Qanoon Asaasee, and with the new Qanoon Asaasee, we have a better governing system; we have a separate Executive, a separate Legislature, and a Separate Judiciary. With new political and governance reforms, things are ought to get better. Maybe, we need to revisit to the basics: Qanoon Asaasee also means the 'basic or primary law'. When I say returning to the basics, I am referring to the main objectives we are trying to achieve. The only reason we want political reforms or governance reforms, or democracy, is for us to achieve some basic objectives. We need to achieve some outcomes, and in order to get there, we have all agreed on to form some basic laws, and then enact other laws and regulations. Then we have all agreed to hire some people according to these laws, and allow these people to serve us; to uphold the laws and regulations, to work for us in order to achieve those objectives that all want to achieve.

So what are those objectives? I'm guessing one of them could be, a safer society with less crimes. A society where people do not have a fear that they could be attacked by another and killed on the street. A society where, even if somebody harms another, that person is properly punished, and such acts are prevented. I'm also guessing that we want to respect the human dignity. I'm also guessing we want to achieve economic prosperity, ensure that people are properly fed, appropriate clothing, and shelter is provided. Appropriate education and health services are provided. We want to have a decent job, and earn a living. So, these are some of the basic objectives we want to achieve, and everything else is just a means to achieving these objectives. So, be that the Qanoon Asaasee, or any other law or regulation. If, the Qanoon Asaasee, the Laws, the Regulations, the President, the Parliamentarians, the Judges, the Police, and whoever I've left out, cannot work together to achieve these objectives, then I'm thinking,...we have serious problems to rethink about.

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