Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm back!

I know. It's been a long long time, I haven't been able to regularly write on this blog, or rather, I haven't been blogging. But, I have been busy writing elsewhere. Writing reports, papers, and now even a book. Since April last year, I have been too busy in the government, and because of the nature of work, was not able to blog much. After that, again been too involved in personal business, and other matters.

Anyways, from the experiences in the past 4 years on the professional, and personal front, there are many lessons and experiences that can be shared., (and some that cannot be shared publicly, ofcourse).

After completing my masters education, I started work with much enthusiasm at MMA, and worked really hard in order to achieve my work objectives, as well as serving the national interests. There, somehow I was told that 'by doing nothing - we are doing something'., but I did not buy that. I continued with my determination.

After life at MMA, it started getting too exciting, and challenging. Was fortunate enough to see, and experience the inside of our country's public office. Got the opportunity to meet, talk and discuss national issues with many intellectuals, politicians, and other public figures. I intend to share some of these experiences, and also continue with my blogging as time permits.