Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cause and effect

These are days, people say almost anything publicly, and try to convince people their point of view. These are days, people try to establish links or correlations between two or three things, and come up with their own set of theories. These are days some of us try to explain to the public, the reasons for the recent economic instability and the dollar crisis. These are days, people to try to talk about the causes of the increased crimes in our country. These are days people are very confused on the future direction of our country.

It is a dangerous thing, to talk about causes and effect of something, if we do not have the proper information or facts about the subject. For example; what could be the reason for the increase in crimes? We are hearing of killings, stabbings, theft, gang fights, and recently increased infanticide? Is it related to increased illegal drugs? Is it something to do with our education system? Is it because of the housing problems in Male’? Is it because of lack of proper entertainment? It is because of lack of religious faith? There could be all sorts of explanations. But, a proper study would be required before we come up with conclusions on the real cause of these issues. Without such studies and facts, it would be improper for anybody to explain about the problems in order to promote somebody’s agenda.


  1. Not to worry - everybody has a Bodu Manzaru

  2. Naseer, the changes you are advocating, the transformational changes you people are trying to bring, is it after a study or just looking on theories and seachelles example?? I think you people are looking for glory in short span of time.. This post is for that educated guy who are challenging you guys openly and everything he says is becoming true. I used to believe inaz and you can do something but now I know you guys are too much by the book and emotional.

  3. i think you have raised very relevant questions. Its exactly how i feel about the confusion about everything. People market their views too loudly for people like me to form an opinion.
    In a short time, you guys are bringing changes, fighting resistance AND taking on the mammoth task of educating the public about this and that!!!!! It would be frustrating but keep going. Because some of us believe in you and the change.