Thursday, December 30, 2010

the real issues

I guess we all keep forgetting about the real issues in our country. The politicians in the opposition keep fighting and spend all their energy and time on ways to remove the those in power from the government. The politicians in the government spend their energy and time on ways to defend their power, and ways to defame the opposition. In this battle, the citizens keep suffering, as the real issues are not well addressed.

The real issues like health care, education, drugs, crimes. Issues like respect for each other, caring for each other. Issues like work ethics, work productivity, and customer focus and customer satisfaction.

We have all been talking about increasing government expenditure, and the increasing expenditure on the salaries and benefits to the employees in the government. At the same time, we have been talking about the low productivity in most government offices and authorities. We all know that many lack the necessary work ethics, still fight for better salaries, and more benefits. The same thing is seen in the private sector as well. Even if you visit a restaurant or a cafe', you'd hardly see the waiters or the managers genuinely trying or putting an effort to make the customer happy and satisfied. They dont seem too much customer focused. Mostly, you'd see the same kind of poor work ethics, and lack of enthusiasm in performing their duties. I guess these are the real issues in our country. We need to increase worker productivity in the private sector. We need to improve service delivery even in the government sector. Employment needs to be made competitive, so that people realize the importance of being employed in a job, and performing the duties, and most of all, to become a responsible citizen.

These are the kind of issues that politicians need to spend time on addressing. Thinking of ways to improve them.


  1. believe me. They don't want to talk about those issues anymore. They have now more pressing issues such as how to fill their bank accounts.

  2. there has to be a reason for people to work harder. if there is no reason then why shall they? its like talking about reducing the expat labour. why shall we (the common people) want to reduce expat labour when they work cheaper than the locals?

  3. The general feeling of apathy Maldivians carry in all fields of life is daunting. Is this a racial thing or what.