Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everything in MALE'???? still??

In case the President and the government officials are not aware of the facts:
1. Male' has a population of over 100,000 people. Official number in 2006 indicates 103,693 living in Male'.
2. Congestion in Male' is so severe, it is difficult to walk around, drive or ride in Male'.
3. Housing conditions are very poor and families live in small rooms less than 120 square feet, and it is among the cities with the highest population density in the world.

The list goes on...bottom line is, Male' is not at all suitable for anyone who wants a decent living, raise a family, and live a peaceful life. The reason, is OVER-POPULATION! How we have got here, is a very long story. Long story short, mainly due to policies that attracted people, and these policies were for political reasons.

We all had very high hopes and expectations when the present government came to power. I was happy to see a President talk about important economic reforms needed for the country. He was ready to take, and took drastic measures in 2009, in order to address the macro economic imbalances. The government made political hard decisions, for the benefit of the broader economic well-being. And that's something we need to applaud.

However, some of the recent events have made me think, that the present government doesnt want the population of Male' to be reduced. The President doesnt want the outer atolls to be developed? Recently, he has inaugurated the building of a flat for teachers in MALE'. He has repeatedly talked about construction of flats in Majeedhee Magu, MALE'. And also in another location in MALE'. A military hospital in MALE'. New Dhiraagu Building, in MALE'. All this, when we have enough barren land in Hulhumale', and if all these projects were diverted to Hulhumale', at least there will be no additional inflow to Male', and will lead to settlement and development of Hulhumale'. At least people living in those flats and buildings can have a better decent living.


  1. yes everything to Male' all the criminals, All the social ills, the pedophiles everything is brought to Male' to complete it.

  2. All the population in the Maldives is consolidated to aa Sahara and jails in Male'. the top brass would not allow the rents of male' to go down and the top brass in the previous government and current government is same. Even this government suffers from the syndrom called 'first and best in Male'. The first international schools the first internationally run hospital and so on. most families stay long here for education. if that is provided elsewhere there would be a marked decrease in population of male'. but who cares!