Monday, September 6, 2010

You wanna be a Parliamentarian?

Do you know that our Parliamentarians or Majlis members are required to work only eight (8) months per year! According to the Majlis Qawaid (which the members themselves have formulated of course), the first term of Majlis is from March 1st to April end - meaning they get May off. The second term is from June through August - hence September off. The third term from October through December - so January and February off again!! Can you believe this? Four months of holidays per year. That's not all, they can take leave even during those eight months, on top of the four months holiday. They get to choose how many days they gonna work. They get to choose how much salary they gonna get. They get to choose their own code of conduct.

That's not all. They get to choose the Supreme Court Judges, Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission, and all the other Commissions, plus the Broadcasting Corporation board directors. They can question the Ministers, well, almost anybody in this country. And they get Rf 62,000 per month as a salary with many other benefits like health insurance, sick leave. What more can you ask for?

The Parliament is considered as one of the three 'powers' according to the Constitution. The President doesn't get four months holiday, and the Judges dont get four months holiday. The Majlis is supposed to supervise, and oversee the work of the government, independent commissions, and the judiciary, yet, the Majlis is on leave most of the year?


  1. Very interesting and true article

  2. and also we all very know how they behave, and the qualifications/characters/ or quality of most of those majlis members.

  3. The resort owners are there to protect their interests. Very few interested in protecting the interests of the people. There is little that people can do voice their concerns to their members, as most of these members belong to a party. They'd simply say, 'Its according to the party line'.

  4. I have just comment some of your posts but it seems that you are writing really good stuff. Keep it up.

    Regarding the MPs, many are too young to become MPs. At the age of 20 to 40, you still need to build your own life. So, your first investment goes to person life, thus high salaries, long holidays etc. could easily come in. If MPs were old and worldly investment for personal life was already done, then there is more probability the person will contribute to the country. Being too young also means lack of worldly experience to perform the real job of MP.

  5. The society's awareness in choosing an MP is another factor. At age of 18 you get the voting right. When you finish high school you have the right to vote and you have no worldly experience at all, you were fed by your parents and real world remains a mystery that is yet to face. And then you get the opportunity to decide the future of your country. What will happen?

    I have personally met some girls who said they voted him (guess who) because he was young and smart. What will happen to the country?

  6. @sharyf: thanks sharyf, for your comments and feedback.

  7. @sharyf: I guess we need more people to voice out the real concerns, and try to educate the public on them. As you said, creating awareness can somehow help voters on choosing the right candidates for the benefit of the country.

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