Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can our country afford these political games??

Yesterday I read an article from one of the newspapers that talked about an interview of the Press Secretary at the President's Office, and according to the article, the President has somehow obtained legal opinion from somebody and is considering declaring 'state of emergency' in order to conduct parliamentary elections. It'd be a dissapointment to those who love democracy, to see one of the three powers, 'Parliment', to be declared void, and the Executive taking charge in the absense of a parliament. I don't understand a way the President can actually call for an election when the constituencies and other laws are still not being determined.

There are a group of parlimentarians and other politicians who want the President to do such a mistake, and prove to all of us, what a great 'dictator' Nasheed can become. There are also a group of parliamentarians who deliberately wants to go against the spirit of the Constitution by supporting to take leave. There are a group of parliamentarians who think that the Constitution was made by them, so they can act as they will and interpret the constitution their own way. There are group of parlimentarias who just cant let go the high salaries and the privileges that come with the job.

My question is, can we at all afford all these politics at this time? It was only three months ago when these politicians appeared on tv and declared that Bank of Maldives is bankcrupt, that the whole economy was collapsed, and so many other things. As a result, public confidence towards banking system, economy, and the government went to an all time low. Our economy is still suffering from that low confidence, and as a result undesired speculations.
After all the dirty tactics and the political games, at last the people have decided, and a new government has been formed.

The National reserves are very low, fiscal deficit is very high, and the economic growth is slowing down. The world economies are in a recession, and there is fear of our economy going into a deep recession if we dont take prudent measures to revive the economy. At a time like this, do we still continue with playing political games,; declaring emergencies, protecting self-interests?? and what not.

It is a time to unite together. Work with the government, private sector, and the people to re-build the nation. It is time for us to put our national interests ahead, and try our best to survive the global economic down-turn. It is time to end these political games and move on.


  1. Today near the Track swimming area, I came across two women and a man (who looked to be in their 30s and 40s) engaged in serious conversation of how it is difficult for some people to get government jobs. Obviously Anni has great challenges ahead of him and people's expectations are high. Needless to say that some are of the view that we had replaced a dictator (Maumoon) with another dictator (Anni). Only time will tell I guess. Anni is a scheming man I know, but I have a feeling he will use that cunning mind of his to achieve great things.

    Meanwhile, Maumoon, always the attention-seeker, had to speak to the media and whine about his loss of contribution to TVM's Heyyanbo program. Is that the greatest contribution he can make to Maldives' democracy and development? What a joke. What about making the opposition stronger, and speaking out against the unconstitutional steps taken by the new government?

    Man, we are living in Seykustan, the country of stupids.

  2. Hilath you are absolutely right. And so is Naseer. I really want our politicians to become a bit more realistic and start debating on finding solutions to real problems. WIth whats going on around the globe and finding time to reflect on our current economic climax should become our nation's first priority! With Israel in the near brinks of starting world war III, Russia becoming the 21st centuries Germany, United States Plc declaring bankrupt, and banks lending at 0% interest rate, i really dont think that whats left for Maldivians is to debate about the loopholes in the constitution! Correct me if i am wrong, shouldnt there be an easy solution (a quick one) to all this man-made problems Maldivians are facing? Shouldnt whoever is on holiday get back to work and fix those bills? I think all it can take is a fone call to fix those issues! But guys, the consequences of higher oil prices (which obviously would result in it given the pace of Isreals offensive)to an already weakened economy will be significant. If Tsunami taught us a lesson or two about the magnitude of destruction, what's to come as a result of the current global issues would be immense!

    The clock is ticking and if the nation cannot wake up before the 1st of March, trust me Maldives is bound to not only make political errors, but more costly economic trauma. And when that happens, lives might not be lost like in Tsunami, but surely lives would be in ruins! POLITICIANS WAKE UP!