Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks for your comments- Maldive National

Thank you for your thoughtful comments Maldive National. I agree that we have many things that can be done at a micro level to minimise the impact of the crisis on our economy. To be precise, the crisis could be a blessing in disguise in so many ways. When tourism declines, it gives the government and private investors an opportunity to think about the reality of the capital investments and tourism expansion in Maldives.
As you mentioned, the role of fishermen will be much appreciated. In many islands, with the establishment of tourist resorts, fishing has become only the last option as a source of income.
We Maldivians, as you said have become very irrational or reckless in our spending patterns. Let this be a time for all of us to think back, make us realize that spending must be done from what we earn, and as you said wisely. Let the government realize that expenditure must be objective based, and not politically motivated. Let the government realize the danger of wasteful spending.

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